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I'm lost in the world I need somebody with me who will care for me and love me like the way I am cause its not happpening in my life right now...I guess. I'm so happy I found this site cause I met alot of nice, and different people and I got one and he is very postive and I really like him, and his good poems well who ever his gf your lucky... very lucky. But now I'm happy cause now I'm back here so, oh and I might need someone very cool and good to help me get my writing back, I hope someone could help me.... Well I got one person... Omar can you help me... I believe you could help I hope.... Lol jk.

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  • Age : 15
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  • Country : USA, Missouri
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  • Brother....? I miss you, no not just me all of us...

  • I got people likening me and becoming my friends...
    and I'm glad for it really I am. This world don't...

  • Hello (3)

    My mom say good morning too me every day and I say...
    And then she gets mad and talk well she may well...

  • Why?? (2)

    U always be there for me but u going to have to...
    My lover had gone and I lived my life without...

  • HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!
    Father! :{ you ain't here with me to say it to you...

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  • The night is beautiful
    It all dark with stars
    You can make a wish

    I wish
    I want
    I care about everything

    When you cry I be there beside you
    When you run I be there beside you
    When you need help I be there

    5 years ago
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  • Why us he comes after us who is he mother?
    { he.s...s...he's your uncle}
    Wat a killer?!
    { Yes he the one who killed grandma and grandpa too}
    He's...the killer of are family.

    6 years ago
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