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I first found writing in depression. Poems were my expression of inner pain to the outside and it helped me through my toughest times. Now I write somewhat often, trying to focus on the good things.--------------------------
I'm 25 years old and have been there, done that on so many things in my short life. A lot of drama that nobody wants to hear about lol. Anyhow I enjoy reading and writing, so generally anything that helps me escape the reality of my own life. Being alone is my specialty. You can just call me Miah.------------------------------
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  • Age : 25
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    As you near...

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    Made of pure darkness...

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    Why should I bother
    To go any further...

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Latest Quotes By Silent Scribbler

  • Lookin' for a miracle
    To be saved by a hero

    5 years ago
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  • Do you even care
    That we're suspended in air
    With nowhere left to run
    Might as well call it done

    5 years ago
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  • Silent Screams And Cries For Help Scribbled In The Blood Of Misery And Pain Never Relenting.

    6 years ago
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