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Hello; my name is Dominique and I am mother to an almost 5 year old so I won't be getting on as much as I used to. If you do message me I will get back to you whenever I can. Feel free to read my poems but if you aren't going to give it a 5 rating then don't bother, but please comment on it with what I can do to make it better. Thank you

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  • Kicked out of home and I am all alone,
    Scared and homeless but that's not all...

  • "Dominique we have some bad news..."
    "Yes, what is it?&quot...

  • That moment when he doesn't want to try,
    To try to make this relationship work...

  • He is finally back in my life,
    Making me fall for him...

  • Engaged to another but in "love" with...
    So many feelings that I can't ignore...

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  • Happy 19th birthday to me...of being alone and cheated on. Seriously just a great feeling...

    8 years ago
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  • "Saw my love yesterday so I got to spend the entire day with day of my life. <3"

    10 years ago
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  • "I got my diploma so now let my life begin"

    10 years ago
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