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i dont know if these can be called as poems....well....i always like to call them my silly poems.....by..kavitha..poem undefined........

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  • Am I like a butterfly just out of a cocoon
    Have wings sprout in me all at once...

  • Teary and fully wrecked up
    In severe plight of reasons...

  • Enormous joys for laying await,
    On the shore for years yearning...

  • The heart wouldn't have enough space,
    To store the handful of words...

  • The evergreen presence in my life,
    Neither did the time nor the ages...

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  • Is it magic with which you have blindfolded my eyes,is it spring you have spread infront of my eyes,is it the sweet fragnance i sense everywhere,is it the morning dew you have touched me with,yes you have got me swaying in your love,,,like crazy.....

    5 years ago
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  • Those fake promises,those lies which were glazed with truth,those eyes which looked at me brewing with love,all a mask i couldnt make out,now i realize you and me was one big lie.....

    5 years ago
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  • A tinge of pain...when u make me invisible in that foggy mist.....a lil, bit of hidden happiness....when u turn and look at me...a feeling of being lost in the desert...when u leave me...all alone...a little bit of love...when u hold my hands..

    5 years ago
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