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My name is Mya, I'm a very dark and shy person. I love the colors black and crimson red. My favorite animal is a bat. I love System of a Down, HIM, Seether, Nirvana, My Chemical Romance, The Used. Bands like that. I hope y'all like my poems. Even though I don't think they are that good. Please leave a comment. I will comment back on whoever comments on my poems! Thanks everyone!
Hey, check out these poem writers.. they are really good! Taylor, Kalah, and ~*Sarah*~! They are all really good! I love you all!

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  • Age : 13
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  • Country : USA, West Virginia
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Latest Poems By ~VaMpIrE KiSsEs~

  • Torturing me on the inside
    Hurting myself on the out...

  • Can't you see the obvious
    That the soul inside of me...

  • Look into my eyes
    And tell me what you see...

  • She writes in her diary
    Blood drops stain the page...

  • Broken into pieces
    Soul torn apart...

Latest Quotes By ~VaMpIrE KiSsEs~

  • Blackbirds singing in the dead of night.
    Take these broken wings and take flight.

    13 years ago
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  • Take a look, what do you see...
    A ghost in the corner, or is it me?
    You walk by like you don't even care...
    You must be blind not to see I'm there.

    13 years ago
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  • Don't worry bout me, I'll be fine.
    The girl forgotten and the girl left behind.

    13 years ago
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