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Latest Poems By Daniel Mulvany

  • Harshest judgment comes,
    When we find our reflection...

  • I wish that angels were more than just glamorized...

  • At Homestead I begin,
    Where you reach deep into your valley...

  • Why must the internal guidance derived from and...
    Meant to be a quote. Too long...

  • Seeking out charted territory,
    Against the dark silhouette of a moonless night...

Latest Quotes By Daniel Mulvany

  • You each should keep in mind that, in only so much as you are able to read and comprehend these words, you enjoy a quality of life superior to another and such simple ideas should never be taken for granted.

    3 years ago
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  • A taste that lingers does not satisfy.

    4 years ago
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  • A parent should never say to their child, "I told you so!" When serving as both a teacher and a mentor these words have no quality, provide no direction, reserve no maturity, and display nothing of a caring, compassionate, supportive nature.

    5 years ago
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