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She's a fairy with broken wings. She glides but it just seems like she floats. And these folks decide to crush her wings until they're permanently broke. She rides gusts of wind just by the way he spoke. She cries but loves to sing songs of freedom and hope.


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Latest Poems By Dignity

  • I've got this silly little feeling
    It's rumbling inside...

  • Love is an ambiguous feeling.
    A feeling that can quickly seesaw you from feeling...

  • I feel like I've fallen in love with a stranger.
    At least, you are not who you'd said you'd be...

  • Goodbye past,
    You've made me stronger...

  • To run in a meadow full of gilded lilies,
    Full of blossoming sunflowers and honey-suckle...

Latest Quotes By Dignity

  • "Falling down is apart of life. Getting back up is living."

    3 years ago
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  • I have given up,
    At least I can say, I've tired.
    It's always hard to let go,
    But it doesn't have to mean good-bye.

    3 years ago
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  • This new found feeling brings excitement in my eyes because you make me feel like I'm viewing this world for the very first time. <3

    3 years ago
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