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i'm from a few places. i love music, i love poetry and writing, and i love my friends and my family. i havn't written anything in a while though.. most of my poetry is from when i was 13 and 14. the last one i wrote this year about one of my friends.. who was i kidding when i thought life was complicated when i was 13 huh! haha anyway id like to meet other writers or readers, im up to making new friends. i have a myspace aswell:-
hope u enjoyed some of my poetry :)

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  • Age : 16
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Latest Poems By Rozzy

  • Between one and two or a million
    We leave our arms open to only a few...

  • The beginning is only a wonder
    Nothing could be more worth it...

  • I heard about you today
    I hear you're doing alright...

  • My mind aches with memories so full of you and I
    The images feel pounded into my head...

  • There are no words to express the feelings I am...
    There is no name, no label, no why, or how...

Latest Quotes By Rozzy

  • Don't be nervouse of their reaction of the truth. Be nervous of yours.

    13 years ago
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  • When you refuse to see, it's then you know you're blind

    13 years ago
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  • Sometimes the truth is everything BUT what it truly means...

    13 years ago
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