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Most of the stuff put up here are some of my newer stuff. I don't get on here a lot but whenever I do I look at some of the poems that are up here.

I find some really good ones also. So thumbs up to the people who can make me actually THINK whenever I read your stuff. If it sends shivers down my spine and makes me feel something then it's brilliant.

I hope that the same goes for my own poems for others who reads them.

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  • My emo tears stain my face
    as my emo blood leaves a stain
    You yell as you put me in my emo place
    by cutting what do emos gain?

    9 years ago
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  • Suicide isn't right
    and it leaves pain
    With life don't fight
    because there is nothing to gain

    9 years ago
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  • If I say I don't love you
    would that take it all away?
    Is it bothering you too
    killing you daily I slay?

    9 years ago
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