Pretending to be okay..

by Mia

When you ask how do i do
i just say i am OK my dude
but deep inside i know that i am just pretending to be OK
no matter how sad or down i might be
but i am drawing a smile on my face
such as a clown my dear..
deep inside my heart there is a strong fire
splitting me apart
eyes full of tears .. sound full of fear and screams
how can i be OK
when everyday passes by makes me feel much more worse than the day before
how can i be OK when my happiness is fading away
moment after moment and second after second
how can i feel fine when i am away from you
how can i feel good when you are being so odd
i can not tell you how i really feel
since the moment you said
"Sorry my dear, but i am not the one you truly need"
and my life became so dark
and people started to move away from me
giving no care of how i can be ..
all what i have to do is..
just to pretend to be OK...
and say tomorrow everything will be fixed
maybe today was not my day..


Submission date : 2008-03-23

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Pink Princess ( F P C D ) at 2008-03-24

I relate to that, well done xx