Frozen Heart

by Lauren

My heart is frozen,
Basically steel,
I am full of hatred,
I cannot feel.

My trust was ripped,
From my chest,

I closed my mind,
I closed my heart,
I didn't want to risk my love,
For someone else's warmth.

My tears ceased due to frost,
Not another ever dropped.

My blood grew cold,
I started to freeze,
I stayed inside my shell,
So no one could hurt me.

After a while my heart grew frosted,
Then it became completely solid.

I cannot cry,
There's not much to heal,
I am completely ignorant,
To what I feel.


Submission date : 2008-07-10

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Rating : 5.0

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Latest comments

Mia ( C ) at 2008-09-30

Really good. I like how you used your words.

kelleyana ( F P C D ) at 2008-10-23

Onlywith time pain can heal. I like the way you expresses feelings and thoughts. Keep it up.

Teenage Romance ( F C D ) at 2008-12-14

Wow. amazing as perusual. 5/5. i love your description and the rhyming was awesome. yet again i can relate ^_^ very raw and powerful poem. keep it up. ~KM~