I miss you grandma

by Jennifer

The day before you left us here
you were in that painful bed
we were all crying for you
and one tear was all you shed
the next day i sat down with you
you couldn't even speak
you were fading away quickly
and everything got weak
you wrote me to take care of dad
and i promised i would do so
i wish so bad still though
you didn't have to go
id give anything to still have you here
id even take your place
but it couldn't have been that way
so where my heart was there an empty space
i miss how you used to laugh
and always elbowed my side
oh how i wish so much now
i could have been the one who died
i love you so much grandma
which we never got to say
but i know that you did love me
in every single way


Submission date : 2009-02-10

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jennifer at 2010-10-04

Yes it is. thanks :)