I want us back.

by A Shame In His Eyes

She writes about the love they shared,
And the hurt they spared.

She wants the old him back,
But she doesn't realize hes moved on.

He promised her, he wouldn't leave,
But there's not much truth behind that lie.

She holds back the tears when he's around,
Because her heart knows she has to let go.

She fell in love with him, thinking he was different,
But a new love only brought back old habits.

She misses the way he made he feel,
The feeling no one could dare try to compare to.

The little light in his eyes,
When she walked into the room.

The little things he would say or do,
Just to make her smile.

The cute little jokes,
That only they understood.

But those things have become a blur,
And the love they once shared is gone.

The long nights in each others arms,
Are now just past heartache.

And the "i love you's",
Are now just wasted words.

The hearts they once conjoined,
Are now just broken and torn.



Submission date : 2009-06-18
Last edit : 2009-07-15

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