I am slowly going crazy

by Samantha

These tears i cry
never go away
they are there
all night and day
i am in pain
and i dont know why
i just cant handle it
so I sit here and cry
i sit in my room
slowly going mad
to hear fighting
and yells from my dad
i am crazy
lonely and bored
thanks to my mum
im not adored


Submission date : 2009-12-23

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Latest comments

I Am Ready To Climb ( F P C D ) at 2009-12-23

I am very sorry you feel this way, have hope and faith, you will find that in Christ, and don't be in despair.

My only suggestion for this poem would be to work on your grammar a bit by capitalizing your "i"s and making "cant" be "can't".

I thought this piece could have been extended or elaborated on, I felt like it was all brief, though very heartbreaking.

God bless you and Merry Christmas friend!


Samantha ( F ) at 2009-12-23

Thanks but with grammer its hard on an ipod touch
and im not allowed out of my room i havnt been in3 days

All Angel No Wings ( F P C D ) at 2009-12-23

Good work :)
i used to feel the same because my dad was/is abusive. i accually still feel that way.
but he isnt allowed to see me anymore.
good strong words :)