The broken people

by Samantha

I once met a girl who had distant eyes,
Her hair was twirled and she laughed all the time,
But when no one was looking and I'd catch a glance,
This girl was spinning in a deadly dance,
She told me once I was prone alone to die,
That no soul could love a person like I,
It slammed the heart fragile on my sleeve,
Her words left to linger hard to believe,
I wasn't devastated I've heard it before,
From the same distant girl in a hidden war,
She walks among them, the broken.,
Head up heart dim no honest words spoken,
Do I hate her? Maybe but I pity her more,
When will I learn what mirrors are for?


Submission date : 2012-04-19

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Latest comments

Shades of Gray ( F C D ) at 2012-04-19

I liked the twist at the end! Well written!
~Shades of Gray