Losing your dad

by Monique

You wonder what it would be like without your dad,
your not sure if you'd feel angry or sad.
Well I'll tell you;
it's not that great,
I lost my father when I was only eight.
I smile to hide,
my feelings inside.
I laugh and smile,
but I'm in denial.
I miss him so much-
you can't understand,
how it feels to lose that very important man.

*I miss you dad*


Submission date : 2004-12-31

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Latest comments

Lauren at 2005-01-01

I kno how hard it is to lose ur dad i lost mine when i was 11, its been the hardest thing in my life and it only gets harder everyday...im sorry you had to also go through it

Monique ( C ) at 2005-01-01

Thanks peoples. :o)

creasy ( F P C D ) at 2005-01-02

this poem brought tears to my eyes..i know how you feel!! i lost my dad 2 months before i turned 6!!..i miss him soo soo much but i never let it show!! i wrote a couple poem about him i might add them to this site...neways..keep up ur work..your great at it!!feel free to email me if you want to talk about whatever!!

Amanda at 2005-01-03

another great piece by monique!! as u already know i lost my dad too so i know what its like... they keep getting better and better