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i just wanted to say thanks to everyone who comments and votes on my poems!!
And please check out my featured poems list and tell me what you think!! comments and votes are greatly apprieciated!! I will always get back to those who comment!! ~thanks~
BTW. i just wanted to say to the people who email me, sometimes when i try to write back it won't let me, so plz include your name that you use for this website so i can contact you and read your poems as well!!
thanks again!!

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Latest Poems By creasy

  • Baby I don’t want you to leave, I want us...
    And anything we go through, I want us, to go...

  • I just have to tell you boy, my feelings for you...
    And no ounce in my body, can tell me that...

  • The reasons why I love you are as simple as can...
    Its just the little things you do, like the way...

  • I’ve been hurt many times before.
    And I don’t know if I can take anymore...

  • Now stop iming me, stop calling me, and the rest...
    Why can’t you just get it through your...

Latest Quotes By creasy

  • "Damn I love your feel, and your soft sexy touch,
    I wish I was older so I can show you just how much...
    I like you, and how much I think about you,
    can’t wait til I get older cuz baby, I can’t live without you."

    14 years ago
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  • "Oh baby I like you,
    like you don’t understand;
    and I wanna be by your side,
    so I can hold your hand.
    I’ll treat you right,
    like no one can;
    I can’t wait,
    til you’re my man!"

    14 years ago
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  • "You end up messing up the perfect relationship, with the perfect girl, and then you ask why you're so LONELY in this world!"

    14 years ago
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