Leaving the past behind

by Dannie

I want to forget ur kiss
Forget your lips
Forget your touch
Forget your love
Forget your hugs
Forget your charm
Forget what it feels like to be in ur arms
Leave it all behind in the past
Now that I have
I jet out into the rain
Running and running
I feel no pain
I keep my head in spite of the rain
Tears stream down my face
I'm not too far from leaving this place
The rain gets harder
As I drift off farther
Finally I stop
To my knees I drop
Suddenly I've changed my mind
I can't leave this behind
Getting up from the ground
I turn back around
Ten feet away from me is my house
Surely it felt like I ran a mile
I sulked in my pain and misery
I remember how much you meant to me
I realize I can't escape
From all the hurt and pain
I was overcome with fear
The past is all I know
My throat was chocked with all the tears
I couldn't speak
I walk back to my house in defeat


Submission date : 2005-03-19

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Rating : 5.0

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Latest comments

Randy ( F P ) at 2005-03-30

This is a very true poem

Sorefromreality ( F P C D ) at 2005-12-06

I loved it! u hav goood writing style. def 5/5. read some of mine if u get the time.
ps- i hav been around that block b4, hang in there

Katz ( F C ) at 2006-06-15

Great poem, when you read it you can really catch the emotion built into it, well done.