I wish you were dead


I hope you go to hell,
I hate you,
As you can so far tell,
You put me through so much pain,
I hope you die,
For all those nights that I cried,
We were so in love,
Baby you let me go,
Even though,
There was nothing wrong,
I held myself together brave and strong,
Until that night,
I just cracked,
Because of all that anger that just stacked,
I turned to the only thing that gave me pleasure,
The slitting on my wrist,
As I clenched my fist,
While slitting...your face came into my head,
I miss you.. But guess what?
I wish you were dead
I hope you go through the same pain,
That I've had to endure,
Honey there is no cure,
Die die die,
watch me cry cry cry,
So here I am again,
My heart is broken,
From these words that i have spoken,
I guess you can say,
I hate you more everyday,
To me you are a disgrace,
Just by looking at your face,

So here I am,
Listen to my very own words,
The love song that was sung by the birds
Is now gone and screwed in the head,
I wish to god that you were dead,
I've given up on love for the very last time,
Loving somebody should be a forsaken crime...


Submission date : 2005-03-25

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Rating : 4.1

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†..And Love said no..† ( F P C ) at 2005-04-07


Ana ( F C ) at 2005-09-26

Dont give up on love because of some loser who let u down. You are better than that, you will find your true one. just be patient i was, and i found mine. True love is worth the pain, but this is not true love, so just think of it as misguided direction, false alarm with ur heart. Just remember the guy whos is worth your tears would never make u cry. You deserve so much. god bless.


lonelynow ( F P C D ) at 2006-03-23

Hu is this 2? well i hope u feel bettr soon hun..ur extremely talented. tell huever hurt u tht i say 'go 2 hell'

Scarlett Ivy ( F C ) at 2006-07-28

I thought this was really good, even though I don't understand why she hated Him(?). Anyways, I love all your stuff.

Fsams ( F P C D ) at 2007-05-29

5/5 i voted n its great. The flow is flawless with awsome rhymes. Keep up the superb work.

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