Lonely Little Girl

by Themeuneverseen

In the dark corner
The silent pipes leak
Sits a little girl
She does not speak

A lost and lonely girl
Who sheds a single tear
Thinking she has not purpose in life
And everything to fear

Mom and dad don't really care
She doesn't value life
Never anyone there
To help her with her strife

Tripping over problems
All throughout the day
If only there was someone
To help her on her way

A single friend in life
That really truly cares
But no one is found
At her fragile heart it tears

A sad and lonely life she lives
So she sits in the corner and cries
Cuts her arms a little
And wishes she would die

Now her frail body
Lies limp and dead on the floor
A pool of blood beneath her
In her misery no more

So listen to me my dear
I'm trying to make you see
For that girl in the corner
That lonely girl is me

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Submission date : 2005-05-09

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Votes : 312
Rating : 4.7

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Latest comments

maryann at 2005-05-22

wowo this poem was so sad but dont kut ur self i used to think the same thing.i also cut myself four times but noticed self mutilation was not the answer.but someone will soon kome if u ever need a friend i will b able to help un talk to u.ur friend~*~**MARYANN~*~**

Karry at 2005-05-23

Hey..well i wrote a poem very simular to this one.and But the last line was "Thats when i rwalise.Im not the only lonely girl." hehe well its something like that.This poem was very emotional.Just like how i feel inside.Each time i cut myself.I know sayinh "hope things get betterR" wont really help.But did you write this poem because its from the heart?Or did you just write it from imagenations or w/e is around you that your seeing?I wrote mine personally because its how im feeling.Thidpoem really inspires me.Theres more to life.Think about your goal.I dont have anyone that could truely care about me. But school is what i think about most now.my top priority!anyways imma bounce take kare buh bye xox

Freak ( F C D ) at 2005-06-02

you had it then you lost it towards the middle but then up picked it up again at the very end. nicely written. try making the rhyming in the middle work maybe

matt ( F P C ) at 2005-09-04

That was a great poem im sorry for what has happened to you to like make you sad and cut but hey whatever gets you through life your really talented i loved it keep me coming

elihja reyes at 2008-02-18

This is so sad idk wat to say

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