You didnt give me a chance

by X~broken~angel~x

You have teared out my heart
you have proven me wrong
i thought you were my friend
but you weren't all along.

You acted so kind
when i first met you
and i really liked you
i thought you liked me too.

but now you ignore me
you act as though i don't exist
and when i didn't see you for two weeks
i found out i wasn't the slightest bit missed

she doesn't like you that way
and you have hurt her by trying
and when i talked to her about it
we were both crying

we are still best friends
and i love her more than anyone
and i was so upset to see her cry
because of what you'd done.

you told me what you'd said
and i immediately looked away
you didn't see that i was hurt
and i was not going to say

I'd love to say i hate you
but that would not be true
i hate to say i love you
but theres nothing i can do

you didn't stay with me long enough
to really get to know me
why don't you give me a chance?
just try a bit and see.

why else would i have given you my number?
why else would i have smiled at you?
i can never smile so it took all my strength
and it was wasted all on you

you didn't give me a chance
and i think that's really sad
why don't you get to know me?
i might not be that bad.

~~sorry it kinda sucks, but i just wanted to get that off my chest. Lockie, am i really that fricking bad? please check out my other poems and comment~~


Submission date : 2005-06-19

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Latest comments

Moony™ at 2005-06-22

ha, u have the same name as this chich who i used to have crush on. the same chick that crumbled my heart. but anyways nice poem, check out some of mine if u want. hope to hear from u. until then

Forever Yours Truly
Moony™ D.

confuzed137 at 2005-06-28

that was a great poem! if it was about a boyfirend who needs em he'll regret it when you become a famous poet! love ya hun

Lauren ( F P C ) at 2005-07-16

great poem, he isnt worth it the famous quote goes
"never shed a tear over a guy, because the guy whos worth it wont make you cry"
anywho I likey this poem
Love Lozzzzzzzzzzzz