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Not too much to say here really. im just a teenage girl who's enemy is life. i write to get my feelings out, have been for a few years now. it would be great if you commented. thx.

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  • A beautiful rose so delicate,
    stands tall and proud...

  • Love, what a word,
    though sweet as it may sound...

  • You don't know what crosses her mind every second
    you don't understand her at all...

  • I don't know why i let it get to me
    so much when i don't see you...

  • Love is hurtful
    Love is pain...

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  • I cry for all of the things that were said

    but you see these tears of mine are not clear but red.

    ~I thought of this and wrote it down on a painting i did at school, as long as no one see's it!~

    14 years ago
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  • Would you catch me if i fall?
    do u notice me at all?
    do u care about my pain and sorrow?
    would you care if i died tomorrow?
    would you care if i was shattered inside?
    coz guess what, inside, i have already died.
    have you noticed?

    14 years ago
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  • A best friend is someone who can see u walk in the door with a smile on ur face, and still know that somethings wrong.

    14 years ago
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