Lost Soul

by Amanda

Looking in the mirror,
At this invisible face,
This soul has vanished,
Without a trace,

Only the memories,
When left behind,
And still I morn,
For a love I cant find,

A soul that was happy,
Now lives in strife,
Walking in the shadows,
Of my empty life,

Should I end it all,
Or try to be strong?
Its doesn't matter,
You wouldn't notice if I was gone,

Was my heart fooled?
By you deceiving lies,
Come back to me,
Wipe these tears from my eyes,

Bleeding for the truth,
Struggling to find your heart,
But you don't feel the way I do,
And its riping my apart,

But until my soul is found,
I will never let you know,
You,ll have my heart forever,
But I have to let you go.



Submission date : 2005-06-23

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Rating : 4.7

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Latest comments

Katie Mahony ( F C ) at 2007-01-03

This poem is absolutely fantastic. I think you did a wonderful job and this poem is definitely 5/5

Jacqui Armstrong ( F P C D ) at 2007-08-30

Such an amazing poem =)
you are really good!
only one thing i could find was you put "riping me apart" i guess you mean ripping?

still such an amazing deep poem
keep up the work it will get you through hard times that you will be coming to =)

Much love

Lisa ( C ) at 2007-09-20

I really like this one.

Rick West at 2014-08-14

Fantastic...I hope you are doing well

Rick West at 2014-08-14

Fantastic...I hope you are doing well

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