Don't shed your tears for me

by ShaeBaeBae

I tell you i love you
you say you'll never cry
when the time comes
for my hurting heart to die
when i leave you presence
and this world
please don't cry
for your baby girl
so please don't
be filled with grief
because death for me
is a great relief
to all of the pain
that never ceased
i prayed
but the pain only increased
so please
can't you see
i don't want you to
shed your tears for me
i don't need your pain
to remember mine
because making pain
is only a waist of time
i love you today
as i will forever
so lets spend the rest of my time
only together
for the death of a loved one
does not stop love
because i will all ways be with you
from up above
and with this
dad please
don't shed your tears
for me


Submission date : 2005-07-01

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Rating : 5.0

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♪♥The Poet♥♪ ( F P C D ) at 2006-01-21

Amazing Truley Amazing..I cant say anymore..but ya know dont laught at me and all and this will seem stupid but..I dont know how to get Published...Can you tell me How????
welllllzzzzz ummm great poem 5/5
~The Poet~