I will never forgive you **Dedicated to my father**

by † Usher Stiegler †

All the times thomas and I hid from you,
All the times we made it through.

All the times you said you wanted me around no longer,
They all made me stronger.

All the times you would yell,
Didnt you realise you put me through hell?

All the times you would hit,
Made me stronger bit by bit.

All the times you threw stuff at my head,
Made me wish you were dead.

All the times you cheated on my mother,
You'd bring home girls, one after the other.

All those things that I just stated,
Makes me wish we were not related.

If you think I miss you,
Think again,
If you think I forgive you,
Think of all the pain.

Ill never forgive you.


Submission date : 2005-12-18

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Rating : 5.0

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Latest comments

BloodDrinkinPyro at 2005-12-18

He never deserved to be a father...but then again...neither did mine....I wanna talk to you if you ever get the chance....

Fighter ( F P C D ) at 2005-12-18

Wow... such strong emotion, the anger raged from each lines. great poem! im glad you made it through. stay stong and take care.

…°¤•*d0яα ( F C ) at 2005-12-20

Hey darl a p0werful piece with al0t 0f em0ti0n. an0ther t0uching piece.

dry tear ( F C D ) at 2005-12-20

I know how you feel... the way you write your poem tells a story of your tragedy and that's what i really like about your poem.... 5/5 :)

Spitfire ( F P C ) at 2005-12-30

Thats sad!!
i lvoe that
its great
i can kinda realte
great job

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