You can never know

by ღtheღcrunkღpirateღ

You can give me a sympathetic smile,
a hug and say
"i know how you feel."
but i don't think you do.
what i am going through is nothing you can imagine.

a tangled mass of memories, hopes, fears and emotions
that belong solely to me.

the fragments of the past captured and recorded in a way that only i can see.

the hopes for a brighter future that only i can long for.

the fear of the unknown possibilities, the unique "what ifs" that haunt me alone

the emotions attached once you combine all of the above that can only be experienced by me.

never tell me "i know how you feel"
I'm sorry but its just not possible.


Submission date : 2006-01-18

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Latest comments

Brigitte ( F P C D ) at 2006-01-24

I loved this poem..... I also don't think anyone can really relate to what another is feeling..... I LOVED you wording! It worked really well! I've seen several poems that have this topic but yours takes the cake! Definatly the best one! 5/5 and i'm definatly going to read more of yours!


Revana ( F C ) at 2006-02-01

Wow i really like this 5/5

-annie vandergaag at 2006-04-22

Beautiful poem - so true! it gets to me when people say, "i know how you feel" becuase really, no one does! god knows, and that's it. very good write, i'm impressed!

øKyleø at 2006-05-04

Good job an' thank ya kindly fer the comment.

~*~Morgan~*~ ( P C D ) at 2006-05-23

Wow...=)...wonderful poem! keep up the good work, i enjoy reading it.

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