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Hello all, I'm Brigitte to most, Bee to few, and just another poet to you. I've been writting for almost three years now, all of my work only on this site. I thank a very ignorent man for inspiring me to write, and it's now that I realise, if he hadn't screwed me over like that, I never would have discovered my talent. I've been through many forms of poerty writting, but have yet to compleate all areas of the art. I'm one of the few rare people who can honestly say "I'm happy with who I am!" Like most other P&Q members, I enjoy feedback on my poems, and as always, favors are returned with gratitude. Thank you

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  • [[&&]] I'll make it through this life of mine, one poem at a time.

    16 years ago
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  • I can see now that your packing up to leave... But please remember sweetheart, your leaving me behind to grieve.

    - From my poem "questions"

    18 years ago
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