My grandad

by Val

When all the flowers have faded
And the people have all gone
You will not be forgotten
Your memory lives on
Your love it will surround me
You always will be near
Because you are my Grandad
And I'll always hold you dear


Submission date : 2006-02-08
Last edit : 2006-02-10

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Latest comments

Nichole Renee ( F C D ) at 2006-02-08

This is a really sweet poem. Great Job hun.
Nichole Renee

Ashleigh at 2006-10-30

Hey, im ashleigh, im 13, my grandad died last friday, and ive bought a large flower arrangement for him and i was trying to find a poem or a sweet note to write on the card for the flowers i was hoping id be allowed to use your poem and read it out in the ceromony, thank you, please can you reply and say if i can use it, thanks it would meen alot to me xxx