I'm not the same

by Wishing4perfect

You say I'm not the same anymore,
and you wonder what all my cryin' is for.
But if I could only tell you why,
and that the tears fell at the sound of good-bye.
and as you left my life,
every night is a new strife,
where i lay wide awake in my bed
and wondering where in life i'll be led.
Without you I feel so empty inside.
and I drive without you by my side.
Every song i listen to has a new meaning
and always brings a new feeling.
My words aren't strong enough
but my heart tells me I'm tough.
My head lies to my heart
but my heart still believes we don't belong apart.
what would you say if I said I LOVE YOU?
and that I would forever, that is true...


Submission date : 2006-05-14

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Rating : 5.0

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Latest comments

Wings of an Angel ( F P C D ) at 2006-05-14

The poem was good, yet the flow wa a bit off at times. Yet I liked it;)