Missing you dad..

by Erin

I always wonder what it would be like if you were here. My life would be so different if you were near.
I know that I would be doing better in school.. you would never let me look like a fool. You wouldn't let me out in what I usually wear.. You would put your foot down.. you would care. You were strict and always stood by what you would say.I know my life would be better I would be doing OK. I get away with a lot of things I would never be able to before. I lost your guidance when you left... when you walked right out that door. I am everything you would never want me to be. I just wish that you would have been here to raise me. I miss you dad... why did you have to go? You left me in the hell called life... and didn't teach my stuff that I should know.


Submission date : 2006-07-27

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Latest comments

JUSTMEXXX ( C ) at 2006-10-02

Thank you for this poem to be honest I have no idea what you must go threw but you made me realise how presious life is and that the time with my dad I will not take for granted you sound like you feel sometimes so lost but you are in my prayers girl....ALWAYS if my spelling is not so good it's because I am Afrikaans and English is not my language but it's the thought that counts.......


Erinn ( F ) at 2006-11-06

5/5! I know where your coming from with this. Its VERY hard not having a dad.. Keep your head up and everything will be okay. If you ever need to talk.. my email is erinnkacee@hotmail.com