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I am a very emotional girl and i love to write poems.. Ive been writting ever since my dad passed away.. n i just feel as though poems help me with my emotions.. some of my poems may be about myself or just poems that came to my head..

so comment my poems n tell me whats good n wut i can work on.

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Latest Poems By Erin

  • Filming girls. Thats what he did. Scared to face...
    A man I dated for six years I'm trying to figure...

  • It hurts me that you could care less.
    Always making me crazy putting me through so much...

  • As I walk down the street I think to myself of all...
    I remember when we first met we were never apart...

  • Be

    Can you think of a time where you wish things...
    But sometimes its too late you've already gone too...

  • I'm lost in my body.
    I'm lost in my sole...

Latest Quotes By Erin

  • You come in this world by yourself.
    And you leave this world by yourself.

    13 years ago
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  • Is it harder being real or fake?

    13 years ago
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  • Guilt is what we do...
    Shame is what we are...

    14 years ago
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