by AmazinglyEmpty

How do they do it? how do they succeed? why are they the ones, with all the good deeds?

Is it me? did I create this hole? a hole where I reside, hoping for hope? where anger takes it's tole?

Why me? why can't I have friends?
be loved by people, have some care, or start some new trends?

Why does everyone else? have a shoulder to cry on? my friends have moved on, and are long gone.

Why am I friendless? So empty and hollow? I have no one to hold, to lead, or even to follow.

No friends? not one? how can that be? I've worked so hard, gone very far, and still am not free.



Submission date : 2006-07-27

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Gypsy inc. ( F P C D ) at 2006-07-27

It is good. I will be yer friend