This Poem Has No NAME.

by JLT

Stars are liars.
Hearts are fools.
Mouths are lazy.
"Love" is a tool.
Words break hearts,
And eyes confuse.
But nothing's quite as f * c ked up,
As how much I love you..
You whisper to me, your sweet nothings,
And I believe every obvious lie..
Your empty promises never phased me,
I was caught up in your disguise..
And when they whisper to me softly,
I imagine different words,
Because I would never let them have me,
If what they meant is what I heard..
And the cruelest of them all,
Have slithered through my safety wall.
This broken heart seems to think I'm strong,
But pretty soon I'll lose it all.
And the happiness and intelligence,
Is fading from my mind..
Because the pain I thought I knew
Is getting stronger every time..
The wish I wished upon that star,
Must have blown away with the wind..
This empty shell is getting lonely,
And isn't sure if she can mend..
I can still feel the numbing tingle,
When the thoughts begin to spin..
Now there's a single silver blade,
Sliding down my arm..
To prove I can survive without you...
The faces are distorted,
But the feeling overwhelms.
Breaking into pieces,
But I'm doing pretty well.
All alone when you're not here,
But I'll always have myself.
To betray, to torture, even murder.
The same as I have with you..


Submission date : 2006-08-17

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Rating : 4.9

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Latest comments

locky ( F C ) at 2006-11-09

Great poem really really really good really well written

Redemption. ( F P C ) at 2006-11-09

Ooooh. Pretty! Serious emtion goin down. haha. 5/5

Ren at 2006-11-13

This poem is absolutely wonderful. You are quite the poet. Keep 'em comin' darlin' =]


Lola Granny ( P C ) at 2006-11-30

Jess granny hears ya on this one
call the piece truth sex and lies lol
love ya miss you and mall hope you gals had a nice turkey day I keep looking for you you like a lost poodle these days hugs my sweets to you and mallory

+ Alana ( F ) at 2009-09-07

really good...

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