Wilting Flower

by Kelly

I'm like a wilting flower
All alone in despair
and you seem to tower
while I crave your touch and care.

I feel my body trembling
As thoughts rush through my head
This is supposed to be about remembering
But I want to forget and mend.

I've somehow lost myself in these moments,
Trying desperately to repress my memories,
I want it ancient like the Romans,
In stead of in my head like scenery.

Its the curse of emotion
feeling real then numb
it causes flare and commotion
wishing away with rum.

So turn off the lights
forget your thoughts
go against the fight.
don't be like the wilting flowers
who are all alone and cowered.


Submission date : 2006-09-22

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Rating : 4.0

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Latest comments

Your-Distraction ( F C D ) at 2006-09-22

Great poem!
That was very well written!

(Check out my new poemz if u like, I wanna know what people think)