by IMax

Beginning of the story
we were best friends!
I thought we'd be together
...together `til the end.

Middle of the story
things got hard.
We couldn't get it through
or fixed things to go far!

End of the story
I found the real truth!
You weren't my friend.
You weren't you!

Where'd you go?
What happened to us?
I said we were friends
and just a sinful lust!

You totally flipped out
and didn't understand.
I told you I loved you
but will never be my man!

I tried to fix it
but you didn't care!
You wanted me out
you didn't want me here.

I left you alone
to let things cool.
But when I saw you today?
You were nothing but a fool!

How can you do this?
I thought you were a friend?
I thought we'd be together
...together `til the end!

We're too young to love!
I thought you'd know.
But you didn't care
and just acted too cold!

You left a bruise;
a bleeding heart!
I decided to quit
and started to part!

We ended with a burden
but it breaks my heart to say,
"I thought I loved you
but we're now strangers from this day!"


Submission date : 2007-03-02

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