HOW I FEEL R.I.P. dad*

by ~yOu EnVy Me ~

How come it has to be like this
your the one i truly miss
no one can ever take your place
mom trying to find another" time she'll waist"
you were my hero and the best i miss you so much but i knew you needed rest
sometimes i get sad and wanna weep and cry
but i know your looking at me from above with that same old sigh
telling me that your OK because your up in the sky
i ask you is there anything that you ever wanted me to say
and you always say that you "love me"........
but ill be OK
I'm sorry for the words that i just didn't think to say daddy because you know you mean the world to me and i love you come what may i just didn't think that god would've took you away
and now I'm in my room crying every day looking at your picture reaching for my pillow to lay
theres nothing i can do but wish you were still here and then maybe if time could turn back i could show you how i really feel

R.I.P daddy i love you


Submission date : 2007-03-10

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