Please dont say goodbye

by Baby Rainbow

This pain is now my torture
and i don't know what to do
it doesn't seem that long ago
when i felt so close to you

i don't want you to leave me
i cant bare to watch you go
but if you are not staying
then theres things you need to know

i miss you when we don't talk
and i think the world of you
i look up to you and admire your strength
and i am proud of everything that you do

when i know your happy and hear you laugh
i cant help but feel happy inside my heart
but now i have this heartbreaking feeling
i can slowly feel us drifting apart

i don't know what to do to tell you
that i want to make things right
i just wish we were close again
and know that every things alright

i cant help but think your hurting
and maybe need some time alone
but its hard to watch you suffer
i don't want to be on your own

i am always going to be here for you
and i hope you know i will always care
you are the best thing i have had
and your the one who was always there

i hope you can forgive me
for the pain I've put you through
I'm really really sorry
let me make it up to you

i know that i have let you down
and what i do is always wrong
but i promise now i will be good
and just for you i will be strong

tears are rolling down my face
the thought of losing you makes me cry
i just want us to be ok again
please, don't say goodbye

saffie 16


Submission date : 2007-06-16
Last edit : 2008-03-16

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Rating : 4.9

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Latest comments

XxRazorbladesCutMyWristsxX at 2008-05-18

This poem is realli deep and emotional...It's coming from the heart and it's realli good.

HiSbAbYgIrL at 2008-05-28

LOVE it....
you are an amazing writer!!!

LADY IN PAIN at 2008-08-19

Oh wow!
what a marvelous poem!

ive felt this way..but i like this poem alot

Em ( F P C D ) at 2009-10-27

OMG. Saffie this is beautiful but really emotional. Written wonderfull as always. 5/5, Em

Meme ( F P C D ) at 2013-03-04

This is so deep and sad :'(

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