by Sam Dent

The days are getting harder.
Without you being near.
And even though you're far away.
I know in a way you'll always be here..

I think about all the hard times..
And the good times we've been through
All the laughs and all the jokes..
And all the memories of me and you.

My mind keeps rewinding back.
To the days when we were kids.
All of the fun times we had.
And all the stupid shit we did.

I still can't believe you're gone.
Without you life is not the same.
Its hard not having you here beside me.
But because of you my life is forever changed.

I know your in a better place.
But id rather have you here.
I sit here wishing that maybe.
You'll some how reappear

I can't hold the tears back.
It wasn't fair that you're life had to end.
Ill always keep you in my heart.
Rest In Peace My Friend.

This is dedicated to 3 boys who lived down by where i live....they died today December 19, 2007 in a car wreck that killed them instantly...i didnt relaly kno them but i thought about how it would kill me if it was someone i was close to...and it just got me to thinkin and i wrote down tell me what u think...this is for anyone who has ever lost someone close to them....

R.I.P. Tj Flint, Randell Flanigan, & Adam Robinson....
You'll always be missed....


Submission date : 2007-12-19

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Latest comments

June ( F P C ) at 2007-12-20

I really liked this one.I lost my best friend a long time ago ,he was attacked when out one evening ,I miss him so much but the memories remain and he shall always live on in my heart.I could never forget him now anyway as when I had my first son I named him after him.

Monique at 2007-12-20

Very nice poem. one of my best friends was killed in a car accident Dec.2.06 the days are still hard but you just have to be strong. <33 Moe

lorissa at 2008-02-23

You had me crying..
my boyfriend dies feb. 4 ,2008..
and everything you wrote just said what i couldn't..
my poems about him couls never finish...
i felt like i had no closure with him..


<3 LORii