The End of Our Sweet Memories {Primary School}

by Ayumi

(Dedicated to the best class in the world, Pr. 6/2.
You guys are the best!)

Six years of primary school is almost at its end
Now what awaits us are new teachers, new friends
Don't hold back the tears, feel free to cry
It is after all, our final goodbye

Bittersweet memories all started here
Of happiness, sadness, anger and fear
It's time to move on as the future comes near
It's time to end our sixth year

Notes that were passed amongst each other
Homework and tests that were always a bother
Friends that would always stick together
All started here in one way or another

The stepping stones, the last few years were
To the life we're about to face
So I thank everyone who has helped me here
And giving me dreams to chase

A huge thank you to all my friends
For being there for me
I hope this is not when our friendship ends
It's just not meant to be

My teachers, thank you so much
For never giving up on me
I know I'm not that good and such
But at least I'm trying to be

Six years have passed by so fast
Never thought this day would come near
Alas, let's just celebrate our last
The end of our primary school years


Submission date : 2009-11-21
Last edit : 2009-11-21

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Latest comments

Stephanie ( F P C ) at 2009-11-28

This is very good, Ayumi. I know how you feel it's sad leaving behind your school memories with your friends. However, even though many things have changed when I went from middle school (grades 6-8) and even elementry school (grades Pre-K to 5) (I think that Primary school is a combination of those two, right?) I still have my best friends with me. The best and true friends are ones that are still friends and still in contact with you dispite the distance/communication troubles.