The Dance of Death {Swordplay}

by Ayumi   Apr 15, 2010

Two enemies oppose each other
In these crucial times of war
Circle each other, bow then stance
And so the battle begins

Clash, block, parry and dodge
Swinging left and right
Duck, blow, slash and strike
And so they've begun to fight

The hero rises his mighty sword
Shining in all its glory
He brings it down into the the earth
Missing an attack on the other's body

He blocks a sword from killing him
And sends a blow to the right
He pants as this continues on
And attacks with all his might

They twist and turn; the dance of death
All through the battlefield
They jump and strike with gracefulness
And wait for the other to yield

An ambush here, a fire there
In this maze of bodies
A gash over here, a severed arm there
And corpses hidden in broken trolleys

The enemy parries; he takes a life
And dodges an incoming arrow
He slashes one down, and then another
While his chances of living are narrow

The hero sports a few broken bones
And several damaged ribs
While he blocks an attack from behind
He wonders if he will live

And so the dance of death continues
In the battle concerning lives
The hero now can take no more
And lets out an anguished cry

An anguished cry of sorrow
And of hope, and out of fear
He charges through the masses
That regard him with a sneer

One slash, one strike, one epic last
And so falls the other's reign
The hero looks on in barely-veiled distaste
Before falling to the ground in pain

The once-treasured silver sword
Covered in sweat and grime
Abandoned in the battlefield
Once it's done its crime

The dance of death
A play with swords
A give and take,
in this horrible world

The dance of death
Admired by all
Yet cruel it is,
even after its fall.


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  • 12 years ago

    by Stephanie

    I love it! the action and bloodshed are very vivid! And I can picture it so clear in my mind! It's amazing! "The dance of death
    Admired by all
    Yet cruel it is,
    even after its fall." I love this cause it says to me that fighting to the death is entertainment for some but it is horrible for the fighter, especially the one that gets killed.