What Fairytales Are {A Sugarcoated World}

by Ayumi   Jun 18, 2010

When I was at the age of six,
My mom told me a tale
Of dragons, princes, witches & kings
A perfect little fairytale

She told me about the charming prince
My knight in shining steel
Of how he'd come and save me
On his magnificent white steed

She told me about a pretty girl
A perfect little princess
How, one day, the charming prince will come
For this damsel in distress

She told me all about the dragons
Those magnificent, wondrous beasts
She told me all about the palace
And all its rich and delicious feasts

Then she told me about a little witch
Who is as evil as can be
That the handsome prince would one day come
And defeat her on the count of three

She ended the story with a quote
'And they lived happily ever after'
It sounded so real, so true, so full of life
Like there was never once a disaster

As the days went by, I sat & thought
When will my charming prince arrive?
Did he miss a turn, forget about me,
Or was he too busy saving lives?

As the weeks went by, I sat & thought
Was I really this perfect princess?
Or was I just a Juliet,
Another damsel in distress?

As the years went by, I sat & thought
Was there such an ever after?
Where everyone is alive & well,
And life's only filled with laughter?

I thank you, mom, for trying to
Protect me from the world
And all its horrors, sins and evilness
When I was just a little girl

But sometimes I wish you've told me
Of a tale that was half true
That magic was just a little myth
And some princes won't come for you

I wish you had told me a tale
Where not all princes arrive
That us damsels just need to move on
And forget the bad things in life

I wish you had told me a tale
Where life's not made of laughter
Where some witches were just misunderstood
And The End doesn't always mean

A Happily Ever After.


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  • 10 years ago

    by Stephanie

    I LOVE IT! I can totally relate to it, cause time and time again I feel too that my "Prince Charming" made a wrong turn too. I wish I don't have to wait so long either.