The Monster of Depression.

  • Poet on the Piano
    4 years ago

    Want to add some hope and positivity to anyone dealing with any sort of mental illness. It can be extremely debilitating. Some days are better than the others. Sometimes it feels we can't control emotions or they overwhelm us and the "cloud" never lifts... but moments of clarity DO exist. And good support systems ARE out there. And we need to hold on to those.

    What are some distractions or techniques you use when you are feeling alone, depressed, triggered, anxious?

    I tend to (if no one's home) turn happy, dance music on and clean the house. Open up all the blinds. Gets me moving and something to focus on (and sing along to).

    Also, baking, trying to challenge myself with poetry prompts, random youtube videos that are silly but humorous, drives just for the fun of it, window shopping with my mom. And, if I need to get frustration out, playing on the piano (improv) or playing the organ at my church with lots of settings and trumpets.

    Feel free to share :)

  • GB
    4 years ago

    I have always challenged falling into depression by shopping :(

    I pay too much money but actually for good and worthy stuff, that makes my mood very high.
    Sometimes playing games like PS can be very helpful.

    Recently walking in the morning with my husband made me think quietly and re-evaluate many positive things in my life.
    Still writing poetry is a very good therapy as well.

  • Sam
    4 years ago

    Whenever I feel depressed, drawing has always made me feel better. I don't know if just taking it out on the paper helps, but I always feel spent and relaxed after I draw for a while.

    I also like to listen to music.

    And eat chocolate.

  • Kristen
    4 years ago

    Music, my wife, video games, but everything is always temporary, then it comes back, depression always comes back. It's like a plague

  • La Reina De Corazones
    4 years ago

    Play racquetball, and if I'm lucky I play someone and that's always fun since I'm not very good at the sport but I'm very good at hitting someone somewhere and vice versa; it's quite fun and you lose weight because you're running if you really are into the game (which I always am, I'm very competitive if I want to be). Reading helps sometimes, but not always. Hmmm lets see, I watch movies when I get depressed, I play on my phone, I laugh with my friend who is crazy as hell but I need that kind of friend since I'm a negative person, I need to find light within myself a lot.

  • bequi
    3 years ago

    I read online write ups about how to deal with depression
    > then i treat my self to a new restaurant
    > i go shopping
    > i would cook
    >i would waste money

    if everything else fail to makes me feel good... i simply go back to the person who made me feel this way and tell him how much he causes my pain.
    i would tell him how he makes me happy and how he hurts me with all the rejection

  • Beautiful Soul
    3 years ago

    It's difficult not being your worst enemy

  • Bharti Rana`
    1 year ago

    I write when I feel low, my latest writing being -

    The night was the ugly monster,
    I wanted to come over.
    I had a bad dream,
    where I was running to my life.
    It held me so tight,
    I couldn’t bear that sight.
    And then came the saviour,
    The sunrays from the window
    which filled everything with light.
    Enjoy the beautiful light the sun shows,
    Because you can’t always control your life,
    But having a window is always good to throw out people
    and memories who give you strife
    and for entering the sunlight.

    Read more motivational and inspirational on my blog - I hope some of you like them!