Poetry Prompt no.6 - Touch

  • Melpomene
    3 years ago

    The poetry exercises I have been posting tend to be sparked from my own experiences in my day to day life. Lately I haven't quite found anything that sparked an idea, that was until today.

    In one of my year 8 art classes I teach a student named Rachel. Rachel has Juvenile Batten's Disease. For those of your who are unaware, Juvenile Batten's Disease is degenerative neurological condition that results in a loss of vision, epilepsy, problems with speech, loss of muscle control, mental deterioration including possibly confusion and sometimes emotional problems.

    When I first started teaching Art I would spend many hours trying to figure out how I could really get Rachel art making. I didn't want her just colour in on a page, I wanted her to experience many different forms of art. After a lot of research and of course trial and error, I came to the conclusion Rachel responded best to tactile art making. Over the last few months Rachel has been weaving, using a loom I made out of cardboard. By giving her different materials with different textures, she's able to visualise what she is making instead of just making art for the sake of it.


    So here is my challenge to you. Create a poem that is based on touch. Your poem can be about anything, you just need your words to create a tactile experience for the reader.

  • Poet on the Piano
    3 years ago

    ^ Wow, that's incredible about Rachel.


    You say I can't understand your
    scars, but I do. They are the
    archaeology of your soul as you
    wrote in language without words, not
    knowing how to cope with the
    violence from your mind. I feel you as
    contours of an ancient cave, your texture
    rough, indents that foreshadow tragedies.
    You are hieroglyphics that haven't been
    decoded yet, as I try to understand
    the raised bumps and cool creases
    between the walls. You paint your
    skin with velvet pens that are softer
    and more delicate than the cashmere
    sweaters I knitted for you, when my
    knuckles cracked against poetry spines
    and crescents moons that scraped
    my heart like a nostalgic needle point

    Your voice is swallowing bricks, you've
    confiscated all means of communication -
    as I feel the grit between your teeth,
    chewing tobacco and cracked lips because
    you thought winter was glued to your back.

    You are the rugged terrain I never had
    enough faith to walk on, my feet
    a sword in a stone.

    These scars will become smooth; your
    skin will be made of feathers instead of
    limestone and nails.

    You will feel like summer breezes and
    warm, smooth pavement, instead of
    the stalactites that pierce your soul.

  • Larry Chamberlin
    3 years ago

    Cool that you discovered a way to reach Rachel.

    Somehow I missed this prompt. Tomorrow I'll do it. (Rosaura's birthday today).

  • Meena Krish
    3 years ago

    Mel, its good that you were able to reach out to Rachel.

    Sorry I missed out on these postings...will try it out!