One line about yourself

  • Augustus Black
    2 years ago

    Here is mine:

    I'm like the rain who can transmute your aggressive heat into coolness.

    Like to see yours.

  • Thomas
    1 year ago

    I wrote this as part of an artist statement for myself during college:

    I write not poems, rather poems write me, extending into the world transparent and soaking color from the surrounding world, a triptych hanging in the art gallery of my paint-splattered brain.

  • Poet on the Piano
    1 year ago

    Nice guys, love the depth!

    Mine is based around my experience in college, attending then dropping out for personal reasons:

    My worth is determined not by a degree or vicious cycles of studying, but by the truth no one can write for me.

  • Meena Krish replied to Poet on the Piano
    1 year ago

    Deep lines...well mine comes from the lessons life has taught me:

    Don't force your image of whom you want me to be,
    I am who I am.

  • Augustus Black
    1 year ago

    Nice work by all.

  • Larry Chamberlin
    1 year ago

    I want the world but I'm happy with what I get.

  • CJ Maleney
    1 year ago

    "That's me in an egg shell"

    It's from my profile, it means I may be easily broken but I'm a little more hard boiled these days.


  • 2luv
    1 year ago

    The greatest compliment ever paid me, was me to the core, "You know what I like about you? You only want just enough and you are happy"

    I only want just enough.
    *thanks for asking*

  • Augustus Black
    1 year ago

    You people have very much talent.
    So here I go -

    1st - Aries Rising
    1st - Larry Chamberlin
    1st - Thomas
    2nd - Poet on the Piano
    2nd - 2luv
    2nd - Meena Krish

    Thanks to all.