Poet of the Fortnight #14: Milly Hayward (Jan 15 - Jan 29, 2018)

  • silvershoes
    1 year ago

    Milly has been randomly selected as our 14th Poet of the Fortnight (PotF)! Milly is a 52 year old woman living in the UK , whose 1 year PnQ anniversary is coming up in February. She is an active, insightful, and thoughtful member of the community, who has already written 1,189 comments on member poems, which is not only impressive, but a testament to her generosity.

    Please welcome Milly to her own special thread, and be sure to read her latest poem posted just below (posted today!):

    My World

    His hair was shiny like polished gold
    eyes deep and brown were very bold
    his face was handsome just to me
    his body shaped my fantasy

    Tall and strong like mountain wall
    his writing was much more than a scrawl
    he wrote of love and passion for me
    the likes again I'll never see

    His sense of humour was outrageous
    his simple laugh always contagious
    he brought the sunshine to my world
    and love in my heart was unfurled

    He was my world, I loved him so
    but as time went on he had to go
    with memories of what he brought
    the life's lessons that he taught

    So I do not sit in despair
    instead remember him so rare
    I'm sending up a little prayer
    One day we'll meet again up there

    Milly, please fill out this public survey when you find time. You can pass any question/prompt in this thread, just write "Pass." I will ask 10 questions total throughout the next 2 weeks, and members of the community are encouraged to participate by asking questions of their own. Here's the survey:

    Real name:
    Meaning behind your PnQ name:
    Birth place:
    Languages spoken:
    When you discovered PnQ and why you joined:
    Favorite poet(s):
    Book you are currently reading:
    Song you last listened to:
    Inspirations for writing:
    5 truths about yourself:

  • Milly Hayward
    1 year ago, updated 10 months ago

    Thank you Jane for your lovely introduction. It's a real pleasure to be here.
    Birth Place: England

    Languages spoken: English and a little French and Spanish

    When you discovered PnQ and why you joined: I have always been an avid speed reader of books and loved writing although I hadn’t really read much poetry since I was I child. I was asked to write a couple of poems for a charity newsletter and enjoyed it so much that I searched the internet for a poetry site. P&Q seemed to be the best. I dived in with both feet and discovered this wonderful warm world of talented people all writing in such a wide range of poetry styles and it quickly become like a second home.

    My favourite poet: This is a tough one most of the poetry I have read is on here and everyone has such a distinctive style and all at some time or another have produced exceptional pieces I would feel awkward having to say who were my favourites. The poem I loved and remembered from my childhood was TS Elliot – Macavity the Mystery Cat.

    Book you are currently reading: I’m not currently reading anything but if I was it would be something by Stephen King, Dean Koonz, Raymond E Foist or something with useful or unusual facts in it.

    Song you last listened to: I can’t remember. I love music of all kinds and if I find a song that I like I will listen to that same song over and over again all day long but I don’t necessarily know who the singer is or what the name of the song is but having said that I generally like any songs by Adele, Amy Winehouse, Dido and Crowded House and anything 80s.

    Inspirations for writing: I am inspired by all sorts of things. Images, smells, sounds, emotions, memories. Generally, a thought or a line comes to me and then the rest of a poem will follow either suddenly in one go or by going back to it at different times. I have lots of part started poems lol.

    5 truths about yourself:

    1. I am disabled and have to rest a lot of the time I do what I can when I can and make the most of each moment when I am able to do things

    2. I'm scared of spiders, woodlice and caterpillars since my brother used to let sneak in and let them out in my bedroom when we were kids

    3. My favourite biscuits are dark chocolate gingers which once opened are hard to resist :)

    4. I’m a big softie, I love all animals and if I had the resources I'd open a centre to rescue any animal in need.

    5. I learnt to read Braille as a child and went on to do research on the past, present and future of Braille and the misconceptions that the public had about being blind

  • ddavidd replied to Milly Hayward
    1 year ago, updated 11 months ago

    Dear Mill, there are so many questions I wish to ask but I confine myself to this one for now.
    Is there anything that you want us to know about you?

  • Milly Hayward replied to ddavidd
    1 year ago, updated 1 year ago

    Thank you Frank . I've had an interesting life with many adventures. I try and live my life with the attitude "For every negative that happens there is a positive if you only look hard enough" This is my coping mechanism for any bad stuff that happens to me.

    I have a warped sense of humour that ranges from slapstick to dry. I will fight to the death against injustice and am fiercely loyal to my friends. I'm the chatty lady you meet in a supermarket or in a café. I love talking to people all ages from different cultures and backgrounds they are so interesting and each have a voice that wants to be heard. I am very fortunate to have travelled extensively both with work and for leisure and learnt first hand about different cultures.

  • Ben Pickard
    1 year ago


    You are seconds from death. You have a pen and a piece of paper and enough breath in you for one last sentence. What would you write?

  • Milly Hayward replied to Ben Pickard
    1 year ago, updated 1 year ago

    Thank you Ben.... I wish I had more than a few seconds. I would write.... I love you Stephen for eternity xx

  • Poetess
    1 year ago

    Hi, Milly!! (Phone keeps trying to change that to "milky" lol)

    What sparked your interest in learning to read Braille? Did you find it easy or difficult, do you still sometimes read Braille?

  • Em replied to Poetess
    1 year ago

    I have the same problem Milly = milky maybe it's a good new nickname that said here are my questions....

    1) what is your favourite chocolate if any?

    2) if you were stuck on a desert island what are 3 things you'd more than likely have with you and what are 3 things you'd like to have with you?

    I look forward to your answers Milly and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for being you xx

  • Milly Hayward replied to Poetess
    1 year ago, updated 1 year ago

    Thank you for your question. I have the same problem with the "Milky" lol. I have to keep checking that I'm signing Milly :) I was a girl guide of honour at an Exhibition and was on a break when I saw what I thought were some old unusual typewriters. I got talking to the elderly gentleman who was a Braille teacher Mr Hibell. He taught me the first five letters in about twenty minutes I was hooked. He and his wife were so lovely. I got myself a paper round and paid for my lessons and my writing frame and stylus and went every Saturday morning for one to one training. I think the reason I learnt it so well was because I had to learn it backwards. Using the Frame you have the use the stylus to make the holes writing from right to left on the paper and then turning the paper over to read left to right) so you literally have to learn everything backwards and forwards. Regretfully over the years with all the travelling around my frame and stylus got lost but I still have some of my braille papers in the loft somewhere. I always keep a look out and read Braille where I find it in public places it reminds me that I still can lol.

  • Milly Hayward replied to Em
    1 year ago, updated 1 year ago

    Thank you Em :) With all the cold weather and no sign of sun I think I'm seriously turning milky lol.

    1. Favourite chocolate - I'm a huge chocoholic but if I had to make a choice - Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations Jelly Popping Candy Shells

    2. a) Three things I'd most likely have with me - I hope that I'm not cheating here but the things that are most likely to be with me at all times are my mobile phone, wheelchair and my handbag and my hand bag is full of everything that I could ever need believe me :)

    b) Three things that I'd like to have with me - I'm very practical and can keep myself amused with very little resources so I would pick water and food and since my wheelchair would probably get stuck in the sand I'd have to go for one of those shiny reflective survival blankets which would keep me warm and reflect the sun so hopefully I would be rescued by a passing ship

  • Brenda
    1 year ago

    Milly, how awesome you have been chosen for P.O.T.F! From what I've read so far it sounds like you have had a fascinating life thus far. Before I ask my questions I had a few from your previous answers. I think it's so cool you can read braille. I have twin uncles that are both blind. They both read braille and use a stylus so I have grown up with them as role models. Nothing has stopped them from doing anything. It seems with your medical issues it hasn't stopped you from everyday moving forward, learning new things. Milly, you truly are an inspiration! You have made that choice that you remain positive even when your health isn't being very nice to you.
    Out of Stephen Kings books, what has been your favorite and why? What is your favorite color? What places have you traveled to and where has been your favorite? If you could be any type of animal what would it be and why?

  • Meena Krish replied to Brenda
    1 year ago

    Milly its so good to know more about you and the things you done and
    how you have kept yourself going! You are an inspiration!

    Here is my question:

    *If you were given a wish to change something about your current
    situation what would it be?

    *What makes you want to write/or what inspires you to write?

  • Milly Hayward replied to Brenda
    11 months ago, updated 10 months ago

    Thank you Brenda for your lovely comments. I am very fortunate that most of my life I was fit and relatively healthy. Its not always easy to keep positive but I only have two choices. Give in and dive into the depths of despair or try and find something positive to cling onto and do the best that I can.

    Question 1. Favourite Stephen King book and why? - That's difficult because they are all excellent books for different reasons. I suppose the one that sticks out most in my mind was Needful things. The idea that you could buy something from what appeared to be a second hand shop and it turn you into a murderer or make you do evil deeds was very scary considering my love for browsing second hand or antique shops :) I love that there are so many interesting things to see that you never see in normal shops and imagining the stories behind them.

    Question 2. What is your favourite colour? - I love really bright colours and that varies on how I feel on any particular day but I guess bold pink

    Question 3. a) What places have you travelled to.... I spent a lot of my adult life travelling whether socially or for business so it's hard to list all of the places I have visited. Here are a few that have special memories. Greece, Germany, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Romania, Turkey, Tunisia, Holland, Atlas Mountains, Sahara Desert, Philippines, Spain, several states in America, several states in Canada, Caribbean islands, Dubai, Singapore, Africa, Vietnam, Mexico and Ireland.

    Question 3. b) What is your favourite place? I guess Pamukkale is right up there as one of the strangest. The Calcium mountains have breath taking views and it is peacefulness. The weather is hot and you take your shoes off and walk through warm spring water. It feels surreal a place out of touch with the rest of the world because your brain tells you that you are in snow but your body tells you it is not.

    Question 4. a)If you could be any type of animal what would it be? From a practical standpoint this is tough because animals are so abused by humans its tough to imagine which one would be a safe choice but if that wasn't a factor. I would love to be a wild horse running at will through the wilderness shaking my mane in the wind.

    Question 4. b) and Why? Because before I had my mobility issues I was always running around up and down stairs and around the fields with my dog and even as a child I used to love the wind blowing through my hair. Horses always look so happy when they are galloping freely around the fields. So I imagine how much happier they would be with a group of their friends running wild and free, nibbling grass or the odd piece of fruit on the ground. Gazing at the stars drinking fresh stream water with no worries or concerns.

  • Kitty Cat Lady
    11 months ago

    Yay, Milly's own thread :-)

    I've loved reading your answers so far ... you're very interesting and I just loved your wedding ... what a fabulous plan! :-)

    My questions: If you knew then what you know now ... what advice would you have given yourself as an 18 year old?


    what are you like when you've had too much to drink? ;-)


  • silvershoes
    11 months ago, updated 11 months ago

    Wow, you are so well traveled. I'm envious. There is nothing I love more than traveling... okay, maybe besides my cats.
    I, too, am loving getting to know you better, Milly. What an interesting person you are! The braille thing really took me by surprise. That's amazing.

    Question #1: Do you have or have you ever had any pets? What species and what were their names? I know we're not supposed to pick favorites, but have you had a very favorite pet? I'm not afraid to admit I have :)
    Question #2: What do you think of tattoos? Do you have any? If you had to get one today (your life depends on it), what would you choose? Must be bigger than a freckle :P

  • Milly Hayward replied to Meena Krish
    11 months ago

    Hi Meena, Thank you for your kind comments and for your questions.

    Question 1. If you were given a wish to change something about your current situation what would it be? The best wish that I could make would be to be completely cured so that I could get back to a useful productive life again. If that wasn't allowed because it would change the whole situation then I would wish that I could have my mobility back so that I wouldn't have to worry about whether or not a destination was accessible and I could climb a cliff, dance or just enjoy walking across the shores of a beach with the sand between my toes once more.

    Question 2. What makes you want to write or inspires you to write? I've always enjoyed drawing, painting and writing. Poetry is something that I can do from my bed on my laptop and as I can touch type quicker than I can speak it makes me very productive when I am on a role. Being part of P&Q with so many talented and friendly people inspires and motivates me to write more than I would have thought possible.

  • Milly Hayward replied to Kitty Cat Lady
    11 months ago, updated 10 months ago

    Hi Miss Kitty, Thank you for your kind comments and your questions.

    Question 1. If you knew then what you know now. What advice would you have given yourself as an 18 year old? I would tell myself to make my own judgements because what my parents tell me isn't always what's right for me :)

    Question 2. What are you like when you've had too much to drink? It depends on who I 'm with and what the circumstances are. I don't really like the taste of alcohol so generally I was the tee total level headed driver or the one making sure everyone is safe because I didn't need to drink to have fun. However when I did get tiddly with my friends drinking cocktails, we would get harmlessly silly and think that everything in the world was funny.

    I must admit that in those days I was the instigator for us all doing all kinds of daft things like jumping in the harbour in January, paddling in a stream to see whose shoes leaked, organising everyone to leave the night club and dash around town on a mission to find a food for a friend who wasn't feeling well and on one occasion going to Walmart at 2.30am in the morning to buy a tent and sleeping bags to camp out on the front lawn because we had lost our key and didn't want to wake anyone and it was cheaper than getting a hotel - an experience which caused us no end of merriment :)

  • Milly Hayward replied to silvershoes
    11 months ago, updated 10 months ago

    Thank you Jane for your comments and questions. There is still plenty of time for you to travel :)

    Question 1a. Do you have or have you ever had any pets. My first two were rescue cats, then I had 5 rescue dogs and another another rescue cat. Later I had a hamster who lived in an aquarium (because I don't like cages it was like a little world for him and I took everywhere often in my pocket. On weekend visits to my friends houses and even sneaked him into to a nursing home once. My latest pet is a fluffy Pomeranian cross who has more intelligence than you would expect in a dog. Extremely well behaved with plenty of tricks up her sleeve she is really well behaved and is such a happy smiley dog that she always gets lots of attention and at almost thirteen still runs around throwing toys in the air and sneaking socks from the laundry bin. You can guess who is my favourite :)

    Question 2a. What do you think of tattoos? I think some can be beautiful pieces of art and others look just awful it also depends on where it is situated because if its on full view it can impact your career progression. Everyone is entitled to do as they want with their body but if I'm honest I really don't understand why someone would put themselves through all of that pain to scar their bodies when they could just as easily get an artist to paint on them or have temporary or stick on tattoos.

    Question 2b Do you have any? No sorry I don't have any

    Question 2c If you had to get one done today (Your life depended on it) what would you choose? I'm guessing you want me to be completely honest here so my honest answer is that if a man was holding a gun to my head and said "Choose a tattoo or die" I would tell him that I wont ever have a tattoo so pull the trigger.

  • Kitty Cat Lady
    11 months ago

    You can touch type faster than you can speak? I'm in awe of that Milly!

    Your last few answers really made me giggle about the tent ... I'm the same with alcohol, I prefer tea, but I'd have guessed you'd be fun and giggly when tipsy ;-)

    What job or jobs did you have that allowed you to travel so extensively?

    What has been your favourite job so far and why?


  • Michael
    11 months ago

    Miss Milly :)

    Lovely to see you on POTF ( I always thinks of 'Top of the pops' with this, which I'm sure you remember)
    Your presence of PnQ is an inspiration, with your quirky, humorous and serious poetry.
    I so enjoy reading your work :)

    So my reason for 'Top of the pops' - is what was one of your all time great TV programme as very young Miss Milly?

    2) Is poetry your most treasured subject?

    Much love as always
    Michael :)xx

  • Milly Hayward replied to Kitty Cat Lady
    11 months ago, updated 10 months ago

    Hi Miss Kitty, I was giggling when I remembered the tent incident my friend and I were both trying to giggle quietly whilst putting it up because it was on a slope and in the dark.

    Question 1. What jobs did you have that allowed you to travel so extensively? I have tried through my life to gain as many skills as I could - learning has been kind of my hobby for most of my life. If I cant do something then I teach myself how to do it or get myself on a course which is why my jobs are so varied. These are the jobs that involved travel.... European Sales Ops manager, Business Consultant, Project manager, Marketing and Design manager.

    My voluntary work abroad also contributed to my extensive travel. Raising money to build a home for a homeless family and sourcing government offices that were willing to give free food and medicine to the poor I was also able to offer free business advice and planning for several small businesses

    Question 2 What was my favourite job and why? I think the most rewarding work I have done is my voluntary work because I got to hang out with some really lovely people and felt like I was doing something worthwhile and I learnt how easy it is to be happy with virtually nothing but the power of friendship

  • Milly Hayward replied to Michael
    11 months ago

    Thank you Michael :) Yes I remember being glued to the black and white TV watching Top of the Pops and I seem to recall there was a weekly magazine that used to come out with all the lyrics to the songs. My friends and I would sit in the stair well singing the latest Top of the Pop songs at lunchtimes when everyone was out playing lol.

    Question 1: What was one of your all time great TV programmes as a very young Miss Milly? Michael Bentines Potty Time lol Every Saturday morning (followed by Banana Splits) kept us occupied for most of the morning.

    Question 2. Is poetry your most treasured subject? That's a difficult one. I think my most treasured subject is "Knowledge" I am most happiest when I am learning something new. Poetry is high on my list because its always evolving and I feel like I'm learning different ways to put words together and what works and what doesn't etc. Having said that I also enjoy drawing, photography and working with creative software packages.

  • naaz
    11 months ago, updated 11 months ago

    Hi Milly, first of all, I would like to say that your journey so far in life is an inspiration for us. You are a live example of that whatever the circumstances or situations in life we should never quit.
    Thank you so much for sharing your life experiences with us.

    So here are few weird questions...

    1. Create to connect or connect to create : Which is important between these two and why?

    2. If poetry is a spiral staircase, where would you find yourself at the end of it?

    3. Is there any way to steal back time to create what matters to us?

  • Milly Hayward replied to naaz
    11 months ago, updated 11 months ago

    Thank you Black Hole, these are unusual questions indeed....Will do my best :)

    Question 1. Create to connect or connect to create - Which is important between these two and why?

    a) Create to Connect - If you create something to cause a connection- for example creating a poem to help you connect with other people then your tool is to create something and the goal is the connection - a two step process which is ....Create +Connection. Connection gives creation its goal. But since you have your tools this seems achievable.

    b) Connect to Create - Using the example above. If you need to connect to people in order to create poetry then you need first to find a method to connect to people, implement it and then you can start creating - In this case you have an extra step to achieving your goal which is...... X (Method to connect) + Connection + Goal. So 'X' and 'Connection are the tools that you need to achieve your goal of creation. This is less achievable than above because x is an unknown quantity.

    So what it is important between these two and why? They both use methodology to achieve a goal using connect and create in different ways however the first is more achievable than the last because the last contains an undefined methodology step in order to achieve its goal.

    Question 2. If poetry is a spiral staircase, where would you find yourself at the end of it? At the end of it :)

    Question 3. Is there any way to steal back time to create what matters to us? No there is no way to steal back time to my knowledge but perhaps in the future technology may have progressed to that level but then there is always the fear that if everyone was changing the past it would effect everyone's future and people would cease to exist.

  • Michael replied to Milly Hayward
    11 months ago

    Hi Miss Milly

    Haha! Michael Bentines potty time, amazing I loved that too and the Banana Splits, so chaotic at times, but great entertainment. Shame its still not all around today!

    The Goodies were also one of my all time greats.

    Knowledge indeed! Learning is what we do, and the more interest and subject, the more we store.
    Thank you for your answers Miss Milly.
    Much love
    Michael :)x

  • Milly Hayward replied to Michael
    11 months ago

    Michael yes the Goodies were also all time greats for me too. They just don't make them like that any more :) thanks again for the interesting questions. Take care, much love Milly x

  • Kitty Cat Lady
    11 months ago

    Hi lovely Milly,
    Your thread is so interesting

    Do you or did you have a favourite outfit? Something that made you feel really special when you wore it. When was is? Where did you wear it? What was is like?

    What would you do with the money if you won a million pounds?

    Xx =^.^=

  • Milly Hayward replied to Kitty Cat Lady
    11 months ago, updated 10 months ago

    Hi Miss Kitty :) Thank you for your kind comments, I'm really exited to be here and the questions are all so interesting. Answering them makes me think of many things that I had forgotten :)

    Question 1. Do you or did you have a favourite outfit? Something that made you feel really special when you wore it? When was it? Where did you wear it and what was it like?

    I discovered on my travels a beautiful dress totally not suited to my life style but it fitted like a glove and was so elegant that I knew I had to buy it. It is a beautiful simple long dark blue halter neck dress with tiny subtle silver sparkles all over it. It is lined, simple in style and when I put it on it made me feel elegant and stylish. At that point I didn't have anywhere to wear it. Then when I was back in the UK working I had the opportunity to represent the company at a prestigious black tie evening charity event to raise money for several celebrity sponsored charities. The item that I sourced and donated raised over five thousand pounds at auction so not only did I feel elegant and stylish I was so pleased to have contributed to raising money to good causes.

    Question 2. What would I do if I won a million pounds? (and was healthy) I would move to the Philippines and would build a facility with an orphanage and a facility that provides free education and training for children and adults. The facility would work almost like a barter system where if you are struggling to feed and educate your family then you sign up to the project and your family gets free food, medicine and education and in return everyone does their bit to help work on different aspects of the project to ensure its success. Learning to cook, clean, teach, build, farm and sustain the orphanage and facilities. Everyone would be providing for their families and neighbours and building together for their futures sharing and learning skills but giving back in return so that others can also benefit.

    I believe this is a project that would take a slow start but is sustainable and worthwhile because for many people educating their children and providing food and medicine is impossible. This would be a model of communities working together to a common goal - There are already existing building projects where people raise a specific sum of money to buy materials as their entry fee into the scheme and then all work on the build of each house the street enabling the learning of news skills and helping their neighbours to own their own homes at a more affordable price.

    My project would be taking it a step further and using a similar model but without expectation of money changing hands since the million pounds and donations would help set up the project and empower, educate and provide secure futures for disadvantaged families for generations to come. If the model was a success then it could be rolled out in other global areas of poverty.

  • Kitty Cat Lady replied to Milly Hayward
    11 months ago

    Wow Milly! That's really inspiring (I knew it would be!) and as you've seen it first hand I have no doubt that you'd successfully achieve this given half a chance, with your fabulous 'can do' attitude!
    The dress sounds gorgeous too ;-) xx

  • Milly Hayward replied to Kitty Cat Lady
    11 months ago, updated 11 months ago

    Thanks Kitty. I do think it would have a good chance of working. I don't have the strength, energy or health to this now but I would love to think that I could be in at the inception of the project at least in an advisory capacity and see it come to fruition. It really needs a charity foundation setting up with celebrity support and an honest management team with strong motivation and negotiation skills.

  • Em
    11 months ago

    Is there a piece of music or a song that takes you back to something 'special' and every time? Say the first song you danced too or had your first kiss to just as a way of understanding so to speak

  • Milly Hayward replied to Em
    11 months ago, updated 11 months ago

    Em, When I was young I was troubled and shy and going through a lot. The first ever record (single) I bought was called World of water by New Musik and I played it to death over and over again all day long in my bedroom and when I left home and though out my life its the song I play when going through bad times to cheer myself up. It is a song that has a really upbeat beat and it is a metaphor for no matter how bad things get - you can drown but you still survive. (You can drown but you still survive. No colour, no feeling, no living, no dying, no one here to be found, no entry, no exit. I like to be beside the sea. The tide comes in once more but I'm safe on higher ground. The water is still rising, it's come to drag me down. You drown but you still survive) It always raises my spirits and gives me the confidence to fight on.

    I can't honestly remember my first kiss but my first dance was with my younger brother at a ball aged eight and nine doing a high speed waltz in perfect step around the outside of the dance floor (but striding) much to the amusement of family and friends lol

  • CRAFTY KEN replied to silvershoes
    11 months ago

    Hey Milly, my question is along the lines of Ben's. Say I'm God Almighty, and I will grant you one Prayer for whatever you ask, what would be your Prayer request?


  • Milly Hayward replied to CRAFTY KEN
    11 months ago, updated 11 months ago

    Thank you Ken for your question really appreciate it.

    Question: If God would grant you one prayer for whatever you ask, what would your prayer be?
    This needs much thought..

    My first thought might be to be cured and able to get back my life but that would be selfish and meaningless with the opportunity to do so much more with a prayer.

    I could pray for an end to poverty and war but humanity being the way it is likely that cruel and selfish people would continue to be cruel and selfish.

    So the prayer that I would ask for is that God would open the hearts and minds of all mankind so that they become less selfish and instead be filled with compassion for each other and all living creatures. So they would be better able to work together in making this a more kinder world and take better care of the planet.

  • silvershoes replied to Milly Hayward
    11 months ago

    Love how many pets you've had, Milly. I have often been blown away by the intelligence of certain dogs, cats, and horses, so I am not surprised at all to hear how smart Roxy is -- I took care of a Pomeranian once and she was super naughty, hehe. I'm glad you have such a great companionship with Roxy. What a silly girl.

    I don't have any tattoos either, and while I'm not against them at all, I likely will never get one. It seems like you are passionately against having one on your body?

    Thank you for your answers!

    Question #3: Do you believe in miracles? Have you experienced one?
    Question #4: Why do you think free verse poetry has become so popular amongst modern poets? Do you prefer to read free verse or formed poetry? Which do you prefer to write?
    Question #5: If you could only read one book over and over again for the rest of your life, what would it be? How about one movie?
    Question #6: Has a poem ever made you cry? Would you care to share it here?

  • Milly Hayward replied to silvershoes
    11 months ago, updated 11 months ago

    Hi Jane, Thank you for your questions and yes I am passionately against anything that causes me any more pain than I currently have.

    Question 3a: Do I believe in miracles? Yes I do believe in them. I think the power of the mind is an amazing thing and that strong faith and belief can make miracles happen. I believe we make our own miracles and magic and sometimes miraculous things happen just because of what you give out into the world.

    Question 3b: Have I experienced one? I think there are tiny miracles going on all around us. A small plant growing where there is no soil, the birth of a new life, help when you most need it coming from the most unexpected sources. A friend was involved in a horrific car crash less than 48 hours ago. The car swerved to avoid something in the road, left the road rolled over and over and ended upside down in a ravine. The vehicle and was so badly crushed back, side and top that it seems impossible for anyone to be still alive or that they would at least be severely injured. They suffered just a fractured wrist and bruising. To me that is a miracle right there.

  • Kitty Cat Lady
    11 months ago

    Hi Milly :-)

    It's clear that your husband has your heart and soul, what would you say is the secret to true love? :-) x

  • Em replied to Milly Hayward
    11 months ago

    Great answers Milly.

    If there was one bit of advice you could give to your younger self from the adult you are now what would it be and why?

  • Milly Hayward replied to silvershoes
    11 months ago

    Hi Jane, Onto question 4a. Why do you think free verse poetry has become so popular among modern Poets. I think it has opened up an avenue for creativity that doesn't include as many rigid rules as formed poetry and so allows a more fluid creativity. However it still takes creative and literary skills to be able to create free flow poetry. There have been some wonderful free flow poetry written but sadly more rather than less modern poets don't understand fully the concept of poetry writing and instead lazily present monotone thoughts that have no poetic feel about them at all.

    Question 4b Do you prefer to read free verse of formed poetry? I love poetry so if it is a good poem then it doesn't matter if it is free or formed. However I tend to lean to wards reading formed because as I tend to find most free verse disappointing.

    Question 4c Which do you prefer to write? I prefer to write formed poetry because I think you have to have exceptionally good literary skills to write free form successfully and I don't think that I have that standard of literary skills. To me formed poem is much easier to write because it has rules and if you follow the rules and have a creative mind then you can create poetry. Free form requires much more thought in some ways to ensure that the text you are writing is more than just conversational text musings.

    Question 5a. If you could only read one book over and over again for the rest of your life what would it be? It would have to be Magician by Raymond E Foist. I can read that over and over again and still never get bored with it.

    Question 5b. If you could only watch one movie over and over again what would it be. Avatar I loved all the beautiful colours in it and the belief in nature and the weak defeating their oppressors against all odds.

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    Jane - Question 6 Has a poem ever made you cry? Would you care to share it here?

    There have been many poems that have touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes whether because exceptionally sad or exceptionally beautiful particularly from this site. P&Q has some exceptionally talented poets who should be publishing and making money out of their poems but instead they share them for free with us and even less talented poets, have taken my breath away with a poem or two. Poems and Quotes is a remarkable and unique poetry treasure chest and I would be hard pressed to pull out of the hat just one that touched me deeply.