My desire is through my poems to set your heart afire, some will be sad and others will make you glad. My special tool I craftily use is my Gaff, to pull you into my rhyme, then you are trapped in my web of verse, line by line but no spider bite is to be, only a good belly laugh and that from me.

Crafty Ken (Thanks to Ben).

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  • Thoughts about depression, loss of self worth? I have found that God's Word talks about dying to self, the big I, me. This produces a clear look at others, and the opportunity to lift their burdens, this produces great Joy, and blessings!

    3 years ago
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  • We walk each day in dying bodies, our Cells, constantly, BTY, lip Cells die, and are replaced quickly, so we can kiss, eat, and BS!

    3 years ago
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  • Why do some claim to love God, but their actions deny him, murder, theft? They love many things, the list is endless, God is added last as an insurance Policy. Strange, but when Death knocks at the door, they call on his Name!

    3 years ago
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