in need of a poem telling ur boyfriend that u love him

  • DarkPoetess
    11 years ago

    hey my bf and i have been together for the past three weeks and we were best friends for a few years b4 that, and we've said i love you and ya, but i need to find something special to tell him how much he means to me (the world and more) and i've tried to write one but i can't seem to put the right words in the right order, so if anyone knows of any that i could use or even as inspiration that'd b great so thx and waiting hopefully!!!

  • Aken Sol
    11 years ago


  • DarkPoetess
    11 years ago

    ok bumb???? i'm not familiar with that term

  • Biscuit
    11 years ago

    u could hav a look at two of mine:

    My Teddy Bear
    Let There Be Love

  • Sarah Ann
    11 years ago

    Umm I got a few old love poems:

    So Much To Say...
    We Symbolize True Love
    I Never Imagined This
    Take My Breath Away
    Dreams come true

  • Italian Stallion
    11 years ago


  • Christie
    11 years ago

    i have one u may like:

    ~I love you more

    hope it helps. =) let me know if u decide to use it. =D

  • Brittney Follett
    11 years ago

    Well I have a poem called Forbidden Love... I wrote it for my friend Hillary and Her Ex... She wants him back but he has a girlfriend... sorry if it isn't what you were looking for.

  • mel
    11 years ago

    hey its the little things that count try sending him a love poem that you have done yourself all about him it will make him feel loved and weak at the knees im sure:) aww bless you, you sound like you've found the one. my email address is you wanna get in touch hope i helped good luck
    ps im sure he knows how you feel about him!

  • mel
    11 years ago


  • *DeVyOn*
    11 years ago

    Look at my poem called To The One I love

  • *shae-natasha*
    11 years ago

    the poem to say i love you!

    you've always been around me
    for such a long time
    we've been best friends
    but we havnt wined and dined

    now thats what its come to
    we are togethor
    we are a couple
    i hope its us forever

    you always seem to make me smile
    and you arent even doing a thing
    but you also always make me cry
    cause your more wonderful then a diamond ring

    i wonder wether i really deserve you
    i wonder if you rly love me
    but as long as im with you, i dont care,
    love is all i see

    even if you dont feel the same way,
    if you dont love me back
    if you feel arkward when reading this,
    or if youd rather sit on a tack.

    you are the guy in my eyes,
    theres nothing you can do.
    you are the guy i want for life,
    i love you....

    by shae-natasha gilliland

    *if ou dont use it, i dont mind...i just made it up on the spot so, i hope you like it....

  • ShootingStar179
    11 years ago

    I love you,
    More than the earth and the stars,
    I love you,
    I think our relationship will go far,
    I love you,
    Never forget it,
    I love you,
    I believe I believe it.
    I love you,
    The world is true,
    I love you,
    I'm so glad I met you.
    And while you wait for me to say,
    I love you,
    Until my life fades away.

  • robin milford
    11 years ago

    write something from your heart u cant go wrong with that.