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The names Brittney Follett.. If you haven't realized that yet.. I'm sorry for your mental issues.
Anyways I am mostly a dark poet ... but every now and then I get out of my box and write something else. Most of my poems are just stories. In them is riddled my feelings, thoughts, and secrets.
If you want to give me comments feel free. But I'm telling you right now.
Do. Not. Give. Me. One. Liners.
I'm glad to know you like it. But please! It's very annoying when you think your about to get some good criticism and all you get is, "Sweetness!. (Thats my word!!)" and thats it. Yes I actually got a comment like that. If you give me one liners. Expect the same in return.
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Latest Poems By Brittney Follett

  • Refusing to acknowledge my adulthood status,
    My passage followed by hostile criticizing eyes...

  • Hollow eyes stare out from inside a mirror.
    They focus...recognizing this familiar stranger...

  • Lost (6)

    She is lost in this clamorous world, drowning in...
    Barricaded from her own desires, she makes...

  • Sweet serenity caressed by rays of sunshine.
    A soul suffocating inside being consumed by fear...

  • Before the Sun came, the Earth was cold and alone.
    It suffered hopelessly through the long dark...

Latest Quotes By Brittney Follett

  • Have you ever wanted to turn your body inside out just to get whatever feeling you have tearing at you out?

    13 years ago
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  • Butterflies in the stomach
    Extreme loss of breath
    Feelings of dizziness
    Unsteady heartbeat
    Knees feeling weak
    ..That can't be healthy

    15 years ago
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  • Sometimes its just easier to pretend everything's alright, that way, even if its for a small moment, while your lying to yourself, You really think it is alright. Its better than admiting the truth and having to face it head on.

    -Brittney Schmelter

    15 years ago
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