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I love this site...enough said.

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  • The piano (3) 2

    His hands stretch, slide over the smooth ivory,
    feeling her succumb under his will...

  • In this quiet corner,
    I sit and wonder what it would be like...

  • Remember when we were best friends?
    We could do anything together...

  • The snow falls outside my window,
    Fierce winds pelt the sides of my empty home...

  • I have come back here,
    To my fantasies and dreams...

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  • I’m not as young as you may think,
    I’m an “impressionable youth of substance”
    Who are you to say I’m a child?
    I’m older than you think and you’re just not listening.

    15 years ago
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  • Perhaps the world is an abundance of ignorance your heart should abhor,
    The constant antipathy of the world galore.
    Yet you believe what you should act is involved with that pact,
    The society places on lonely hearts.


    15 years ago
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  • "Do you think if you could ever really touch me, I could wake up from all this?"

    -Just Like Heaven

    15 years ago
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