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I know haven't come around in a very long time. I was dying, of course, but then we all were. Everyday, in perfect increments. I was dying of loss. The only help for my condition is that I refused to let go of what I loved. I wrote everything down. At first in choppy fragments; a sentence here, a few words there. It was the most I could stand at the time. Later I wrote more. My grief muffled but not eased by the passage of time. When I go back over my reading now I can barely read it. The happiness is the worst. Some days I can't bring myself to remember. But I will not relinquish a single detail of the past.

I will continue to write with feelings and time.

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Latest Poems By Sarah Ann

  • They said they'd do anything to take me down,
    Put my feelings on pause, turn the music up loud...

  • I've created a catastrophe
    Living, and my heart won't bleed...

  • Shame;
    Engulfing me. Eating away...

  • I'm strong because I know what its like to feel...
    But I miss waking up next to you, amongst tangled...

  • Let it go, unclench your fist in silence
    Watch it all transform and start to make sense...

Latest Quotes By Sarah Ann

  • Why its always like she always tries to hide
    what it is she feels and whats on her mind
    when it comes to love she gets so afraid
    that someone will come and hurt her again someday =/

    16 years ago
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  • Sad is knowing you love someone
    And losing them to reality
    Sad is not knowing you love someone
    Until reality takes them away

    17 years ago
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  • I've been watching your world from afar; I've been trying to be where you are. I've been secretly falling apart. Unseen. To me you're strange and you're beautiful. You would be so perfect with me. But you just can't see.

    17 years ago
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